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About me

My name is Anton and I've been doing marketing for more than 11 years with focus on building commercial and lead generation teams

  • I began my career as a SEO and PPC marketer back in 2012.
  • Started my first company in 2013. It became a major distributor of insulated fiber sleeves for industrial plants.
  • In 2016 I’ve partnered with Gil Petersil and became a digital team-leader in Meet Partners (edutainment company). My team has generated 4 millions dollars of annual revenue through digital lead-sources.
  • In 2019 I moved on to became the marketing manager for Videojet with responsibility for the whole CIS region.
  • In 2023 I’ve become the Global Marketing Campaign Manager at Videojet with responsibility to deploy multi-touch (performance, e-mail, telemarketing, messenger-marketing and tradeshow) campaigns in 19 countries.


of revenue were generated with my thoroughly designed campaigns. Average ROI is north of 300%



Sales ready leads were generated through multi-touch approach and rigorous customer journey analysis



were hired, onboarded and trained by me personally. I’ve built 5 autonomous commercial teams



of my overall experience in B2B, Edutech and Crypto marketing will save your time and money


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My Industries


Omnichannel (multi-touch) marketing strategies which generate demand at any B2B company.


Targeted campaigns and growth hacking tactics. I help build communities and drive leads for the new crypto-products.


Targeted campaigns and growth hacking tactics. I help build communities and drive leads for the new crypto-products.


Digital-marketing strategies backed up by data that will help get ahead in the competitive world of direct to consumers sales and services

Case Studies

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Real Estate


George Babayan Founder & CEO of Eblrus Bootcamp

Anton, being a data-driven manager, has carefully analyzed our branding, messaging and positioning in order to create effective strategies and content that are aligned with ours goals and provided valuable insights for growing our business. Throughout the process, Anton has consistently demonstrated strong communication skills, organization, and reliability.

Anton Kryuckov Founder & CEO of Flanker

Anton had demonstrated high flexibility and organically integrated with our team. He was always willing to discus and look for the best solutions, even when faced with challenges. His ability to meet demanding deadlines is truly impressive. No need to tell that he managed to increase our ARPPU 3 times over which helped us get new investors. It has been a pleasure working with Anton.

Gil Petersil Founder & CEO of Meet Partners

Anton has made significant improvements to our brand messaging and has successfully increased sales by 210%. His project management skills and customer service are exceptional, consistently exceeding expectations to ensure the success of the project. In addition, he has proven to be flexible, accommodating and proactive throughout the process.

Jens Uwe-Denhert General Manager, Videojet Russia

I highly recommend Anton for any marketing management role. He consistently demonstrated his proactive nature, hardworking attitude, and quick learning skills. He was an effective leader, fostering positive and collaborative work environment and is a true team player. Anton will be a valuable asset to any organization.

Nils Tharandt Ortiz Business Development & Partnership manager PayPolitan

Our partnership has been a great success, resulting in a 300% increase in engagement and generating 120 leads in just 45 days. Anton's team expertise in their field has been invaluable, and they were always open to discussions on how to improve the project.


    Most frequently asked questions and answers

    B2B marketing can be unpredictable, but through trial and error, I have discovered that I have a knack for it. While it is not always possible to test every available marketing tool and strategy, I have found success in this field through exploration and experimentation.
    Fintech, edtech, and cryptocurrency are areas that I am deeply passionate about.
    I am an avid learner and an experienced marketer who utilizes cryptocurrency on a daily basis.
    The intersection of these three industries allows me to work on some of the most innovative and exciting products and provide valuable contributions to the field

    There are several effective lead sources to consider for B2B, fintech, edtech, and crypto industries:

    • Social media
    • Content marketing
    • Networking events and industry conferences
    • Referrals
    • Paid advertising
    Ultimately, the best lead sources will depend on your specific business and target audience. Experimenting with different strategies and finding what works best for your company are key elements to your success.

    I start by understanding my clients’ or employers’ goals, target audience, and value proposition. Then I create a custom digital marketing plan based on market research and analysis. I track and optimize campaign performance to ensure the best results.

    I measure campaign success using KPIs such as website traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. I track engagement metrics like clicks, shares, and comments. I use tools like Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Talkwalker, Tableau and Salesforce to regularly create custom reports with results for my clients.

    Clear goals and bechmarks set by my client help a lot with alignment. After that all the research and campaign management becomes transparent and predictable.

    To work in marketing means that you’ll be learning and testing something new everyday. To keep finger on the pulse I always watch webinars online or visit offline conferences, follow thought leaders and often watch new courses or certifications. And then I TEST EVERYTHING!

    ABLT- always be learning & testing. To provide the best service and drive the biggest amount of qualified leads you need to keep your finger on the latest developments and trends in marketing.

    Preferred ways of communication are e-mail and/or scheduled virtual calls.


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